Rodney Johns was born in Davenport Iowa and ended up moving with his mom to a small town called Canton MO not too long after. He was lucky to have the influence of two hard working grandparents who helped him find his work ethic around the farm and through his grandpas pet projects which included gardening and even a small scale greenhouse. Tragedy struck Rodney and his family very early in life when he was diagnosed with an unusual type of childhood cancer. For many this would be a death sentence and for a huge percentage of those of who do survive they are left completely blind. Rodney was blessed to not only survive this but he also kept his vision and has taken this experience to motivate him on his life path. Even with the loss of his grandpa before his teenage years Rodney was very motivated to start his own business. So much that he even had a business card printed at age 16 that would carry the company name he would use when he officially started his Landscaping company some 6 years later. Rodney graduated from this small town with big city ideas. He moved away during his college days to get his degree in the Plant Science/Horticulture field. Music was always his passion and even in high school and college he was involved in every music oriented thing he could find. He continued for years to try to help build his community in Canton. He started two additional companies besides his landscaping company. One of which was a commercial real estate company which he used to help build his community even further. Rodney played with several local bands and artists in the area on every occasion and dreamed of the days of finally making that move to country music. Rodney has published 3 books and accomplished many things in his life but his heart will always be with country music. He has now put his writing skills to work in the music industry and started writing songs and recording. He currently is performing shows with numerous song writers from Nashville and has performed ahead of super stars like Jake Owen and others, His biggest dreams have always been to record a number one song and he really hopes that everyone reading this can help him make this dream come true.

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